Akira SPECTRE Ceramic Spray Sealant (5 Litre)



Spectre is an advanced SiO2 spray sealant, that provides instant and long lasting SiO2 protection to your paintwork and all exterior surfaces of your vehicle. This exceptional formulation offers a quick and easy spray on/rinse off application, yet provides a high gloss shine and durable hydrophobic protection. Blended with the very latest in nano technology, Spectre is the fastest and easiest solution for applying effective yet durable protection to any exterior surface of your vehicle.


Product Benefits:

  • Advanced SiO2 technology
  • Extremely hydrophobic properties
  • Boosts gloss levels for a deep shiny finish
  • Highly durable protection lasting up to 3 months
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Suitable and effective on all exterior surfaces


Directions of use:

  1. Wash your vehicle thoroughly to ensure all surfaces are clean and free from dirt and contaminants.
  2. Whilst the vehicle is still wet, spray Spectre onto a single panel at a time, and then instantly pressure rinse off. Make sure you rinse the panel thoroughly.
  3. Dry the vehicle as you normally would, ideally with our Vermilion Large Drying Towel.

NOTE: Do not use in direct sunlight, do not use on warm/hot panels and do not let the product dry.

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