Akira Slick – Wheel Cleaner (500ml)


Slick is a non acidic, high foaming, gel based wheel cleaner. Specifically designed to easily tackle dirt, grime and brake dust from all wheel types and finishes.

Our latest alkaline formulation will strongly emulsify any soiling or brake dust on your wheels and tyres, softening and loosening the dirt from it’s surface, which can then be agitated with a detailing brush and pressure rinsed off.

Wheel cleaning is somewhat known to be a daunting task, but with a product like Slick within your arsenal, it need not be. A few generous sprays across your wheel and tyre will generate a plentiful amount of foam to tackle any level of dirt and brake dust.

Slick contains a highly concentrated blend of cleaning, foaming and degreasing agents, making your task of wheel cleaning that much easier.

Extremely easy to use, extremely safe, extremely effective.

Scent: Wild Berries


Product Benefits:

  • High foaming 
  • Long cling time
  • Powerful cleaning and degreasing agents
  • Safe on all wheel types and finishes
Directions of use:
  1. Rinse wheels with a pressure washer.
  2. Spray Slick onto the wheel and tyre wall, ensuring a generous amount of coverage.
  3. Using a detailing brush, agitate the product around the wheel and tyre wall, to activate it’s foaming agents.
  4. Keep agitating until all surfaces of the wheel and tyre wall have been attended to.
  5. Using a pressure washer, rinse thoroughly to reveal a clean finish.

NOTE: If the wheel is heavily contaminated with caked on brake dust, use IRON 8 Fallout Remover to give it that extra bite to finish off.

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