Akira Lavish Shampoo (500ml)


The ultimate, super concentrated Lavish shampoo. Full of lubricity, cleaning power and foamy goodness. Making light work of your contact wash, whilst providing a lavishly clean and high gloss finish with minimal effort.

Our formulation is pH neutral and has been developed to be LSP safe, which simply means that any wax, polish or sealant layers already present, will not be affected or removed.

Always remember to use our pre-wash Glacier Snowfoam and/or Citrus Duo beforehand to help aid this process, ensuring added safety prior to your full contact wash by removing the bulk of the road dirt and grime, which could potentially cause swirls or marring to the bodywork.

Scent: Apple Sourz


Product Benefits:

  • PH Neutral 
  • Extremely Concentrated
  • High Lubricity
  • Strong Cleaning Capabilities
  • High Gloss Finish
  • Great Value for Money


Directions of use:

  1. Rinse vehicle thoroughly with a pressure washer to remove all loose dirt and grime. We advise using our pre-wash Glacier Snowfoam or Citrus Duo beforehand to help aid this process.
  2. Pour and gently squeeze 4 to 6 drops into a half filled bucket of water, then mix the solution with a pressure washer to enable the shampoo to foam up. (Add more shampoo if necessary)
  3. Take your wash mitt and dunk it inside the mixture to absorb the soapy and foamy solution, then begin washing your vehicle from top to bottom.
  4. Once the vehicle has been completely washed, rinse thoroughly with a pressure washer and then dry the car with a detailers drying towel. (Vermilion Drying Towel is highly recommended)

NOTE: Two bucket wash method is highly advised. Using a second bucket of fresh clean water, rinse your wash mitt after each panel before collecting more shampoo from the first bucket, which contains the Lavish shampoo.

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